"Being aware of the past provides a far greater insight into the developments of the future."

In order to provide you with good advice concerning food trends whether you are responsible for producing, processing or selling food, or simply have your own opinions on the matter I take world-wide developments into consideration. What and how we eat is related to political, economic and social-cultural developments. We put theory to practice: the signifigance given to taste and the origins of our food to continues to increase. Together with you, I would like to contribute to this development.

Trends en hypes
As a trend-researcher and food-watcher, I am fully aware of the difference between enduring trends and hypes, and significant initiatives without any solid basis. Based on my passion for nutrition and food, I deal with subjects that really matter, and I answer your questions: about meat, vegetable and dairy products, the do’s and don’ts in the kitchen, and tasty recipes. In a critical and creative manner. You have to be somewhat of a rebel to get things moving. And that is what I am, now and then. In the interest of the world, but also of delicious and better food. Achievability is a basic principle in my line of work. Only then do I know that you can really put my advice to work. Also how and what people eat, with whom and when. It is a challenge for me to advise you on these choices.

Assorted tastes
I provide an insight into various cultural, psychological and social influences on our food. This begins with rediscovering taste. How strong the emotions can be when recalling the taste of a sweet and refreshing apple, or a delicate risotto. Based on practical tips and unexpected recipes, I help you discover how delicious things can taste. And help you to appreciate taste in a different way. This leads to surprising insights, for instance, how to combat the kilos with taste. I have been following trends in the (domestic) kitchen for more than 15 years now. My ideas are based on the work I do for the women’s magazine Libelle and the cookery magazine TIP, the first magazine about food to be published in our country. As a culinary journalist and author of cookery books, I was involved in setting up AllerHande (= Assorted), the Albert Heijn in-house magazine, as well as the in-house magazine of the supermarket chain C1000. I am the chief editor of Smaakmakend (= Trendsetting), the magazine for biological food, and I have produced more than 40 cookery books for clients such as Ikea, Albert Heijn and C1000.